Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boys, boys, boys

Ok, ok.... All birth control jokes aside... I got pretty attached to this little man over the past week. :-) He is just way too cute for his own good. He is in that fun stage where he's discovering new things constantly. He is making the most hilarious noises, but I could never get a video of it.

We were sitting outside one day, and I snapped these pictures. Like I said...way too cute.

I still can't believe how little he was when Patti Sue first got him! When I would sit and type at the computer, I could reach over with one hand and pick him up out of his bassinet. He was TINY!

On another note.... some other very cute little boys: Ivan, Anthony & Jefferson. They're sitting here in the office playing with Tinker Toys at the moment, and I snapped this pic really quick.

And the other boy in my life....
Dwight and the guys are pouring cement today, finishing off the floor on the 2nd level of the new building. It looks like they'll be working into the night, but I know it will be awesome when they're done. Hopefully we'll get a post up soon with an update on the building. ~ I walked the classes to the property during their P.E. time, and it was so cute to see their faces when looking at the new building. Dwight walked them through where the rooms will be. The kindergarteners all pretended to wash their hands and take showers in the spots where they will eventually be. I wish I would have had my camera, b/c it was hilarious!

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  1. What beautiful children you share with us through pictures. Thank you for doing such a great job keeping the blog site up to date. We love checking it!