Monday, May 30, 2011

Beto's Baptism

Beto is Mama Ines' son, and he taught Spanish and Ecuadorian Social Studies for our 3 classes this year in the CDF school. (Mama Ines is the manager of all of the Tias who work at Casa de Fe.) We love Beto, and Dwight and I both wish we got to spend more time with him. We've watched him grow over the last couple of years, and it's so exciting to see him take this step in the journey of being a Christian. He is surrounded by peers who are not living a Christian lifestyle, and we've watched him continue to be an example to them. Recently, he began to study with a local pastor and was baptized 2 weeks ago on Sunday. Praise God for his public statement to follow Christ! Please continue to lift him up...that he will have the courage to stand alone at times, and pray that God will give him a thirst for more knowledge of HIM.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet Jonathan!!

We want to formally introduce you to the newest member of our family. :)

We have been fostering Jonathan since April 21st, and it has been a joy. I (Tandy) am on my new work schedule with him, and it has been a huge blessing so far. We all walk to CDF around 7:40am, and I work there while Jonathan is in Pre-K from 8:00-12:00. We all go home for lunch, and I work from home in the afternoon with Jonathan while Dwight returns to CDF. Since 80% of my work is online/emailing, it actually helps A LOT to be able to work at home in the afternoons without as many distractions.

Jonathan came to CDF the first week of June last summer, and we really don’t have any background on him. A young man dropped him off, but we have never heard from him again. He said he wasn’t a relative, but there’s no telling what the truth is. So….we didn’t have a name or a birth date. Everyone at CDF decided to name him Jonathan (Dwight’s name here), and his nickname became ‘pajarito’ because he mimicked everything you said to him.

Everyone always asks how we “picked” him out of all of the kids. Last fall when we were making this decision, he was truly the only abandoned child we had here. All of our other kids have family members and situations where reconciliation might be a possibility in the future, but that is not the case for him. So….that was how the decision was made.

The process for getting him adoptable has begun. The police are doing a public report which includes posting his picture in the newspaper in case there are any family members who will recognize him. Once he is adoptable, his case will move forward as a ‘national adoption.’ After living here for 3 years (next March), we will be able to adopt as nationals. Until that time, we will be legally fostering him; and hopefully that will work in our favor when the judge makes his final decision.

It is our prayer that if Jonathan does have any family members who want to take care of him…that God would allow them to find him! Although we would love to adopt him, it would break our hearts more to know that he has loving family members out there looking for him. For now…we are going to continue to love him as our own!

Please pray for us. Pray for wisdom and patience as new parents. Pray for him…to prepare his heart for whatever the future holds. Pray that he would come to know the love of Christ…whether with our family or his.

We wanted to share a few pictures with you. He’s quite the little poser when I pull the camera out. Please forgive the excessive number.....this blog has been a long time coming for our families!

He loves to bathe....and cheese big time.

He LOVES to wear a hat....
Playing with Mrs. Ingan...
First trip to the pool...
I didn't even think about an Easter egg hunt, but some of my wonderful friends did. :) He used his backpack to stuff them in. This was actually a weekend before we took him permanently. We were living with the Waskosky family, and Jonathan loved David. This one's for my dad...who always gives me a hard time for never putting pictures of myself on here. love you, daddy! He LOVES to drink water, and he'll choose it over anything else we offer. SUCH a poser!!!
Some friends of ours took some family photos a couple of weeks ago, and they did a great job. These pictures weren't really planned...they just snapped them of jonathan while he played between shots. They're my favorite!
This is his sweet face.......and his 'too cool for school' face. Hands down the best picture of him so far....