Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Video!!!

We are SO EXCITED about this!!! Here is the new video we will be able to use for fundraising for the the future homes. PLEASE feel free to forward this, use it for your own presentation, show the get the idea. :)

It might take a while to load. Make sure the HD is turned off on the right side of the screen, and that will make it quicker. Follow the link, and you'll be able to download the video if needed.

Yes...I know I look ghetto during my interview..... If you know me well, then you know my hands were moving around like crazy while I talked....which you can't see....which makes my head moving around look ridiculous!! All of the volunteers got a good laugh out of this last night. We also love Dwight's statement of "multiple different backgrounds."
Always good to laugh at yourself, and this has provided plenty of those opportunities for us.


Casa De Fe from Under the Threshold Productions on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The volunteers took the older kids swimming at the property this weekend, so I went up to get a couple of pictures.

On Saturday morning, the team from Amite Baptist in Louisiana helped with completing the cistern. They got to experience the joy of pouring concrete in Ecuador.
The land will be filled in around the cistern, and the laundry area will be built on top. This underground cistern will be a back-up source for the MUB whenever we lose water in Shell.
Freddy is a master at making the concrete perfectly smooth.

Making progress on the tile.... Ivan and Carlos :)

I love Ivan's expression...

Friday, July 9, 2010


Our FABULOUS summer volunteers have the kids occupied with non-stop activities, and I'm loving it. ....Hence my ability to post on here 2 days in a row. :)

I took these pictures at the MUB last week...and I'm just now getting them uploaded. I'll probably take some more this weekend....meaning you'll see them in a week or two. ha!
Tom was a great help in getting the tile started. This is Patti Sue's room that they're working in, and it's now finished.

Sexy knee-pads....

This is the one bath-tub, which will be so great for the babies!

2 coats of paint on all walls and ceilings = tons of fun for our volunteers
Eva worked on trim all day. :)
Pehr and Dennis built and hung the first door. Woo-hoo! All of the doors will slide for easier wheelchair access.

The Ecuadorian maestros and workers have been focusing on the jobs upstairs, because gringos don't know how to do them. :)

Dwight said they've already almost finished the enlucido- the smooth concrete mix that they put over the blocks. Hopefully we'll start plastering upstairs next week.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching Up

I'm so behind in blog posts.....Forgive me.

I was uploading new construction pics from my camera, and I saw a few from the beach trip. I'm waiting to get pictures from the team that took us, because I didn't take many. I got a couple whenever we were doing indoor activities...and relied on everyone else to take them while we were on the beach. :)

Dwight and I LOVED getting to spend time one-on-one with our 'buddies' for the week. Here we are on the bus....settled in for the 10+ hour trip.

Dwight and Angel

Me & Jeni
The group planned a daily schedule including group games, arts and crafts, worship, etc... They did an awesome job.

Even the boys participated in the arts and crafts.....

Ivan and his partner, Luke


....big boys too.

Oh yes....I can't forget the lice party in my room. Woo-hoo! Miss Alison was the victim this time. :) Jeni checked me as well, and I am miraculously lice-free...for the time being.
The girls kept showing Ali what they pulled

It was so great to get away and just spend time with the kids for a week. Dwight and I weren't in charge of anything, and it was fabulous.