Monday, February 15, 2010


Soooo...I've been having serious withdrawls from John Paul (and basically everyone else, too) since leaving Ecuador.

Patti Sue has been so sweet, and she's sent me pics and even video of JP. It definitely makes my day, and I wanted to share.

This first one is my favorite!!! I've never seen him make this face, and I can't imagine what he was doing. lol...

Here's a serious one... He has sleepy eyes. :-)

He's crawling now!!!

Love this boy!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dwight & I are back in the States for a month, and I'm trying to catch up on blogs....going through the pics from before we left.

Last week ALL of the girls got haircuts. They were allowed to pick anything chin- length or shorter. A few of the girls were really excited about it, but there were a couple of traumatic experiences as well..... Those feelings didn't last long, though! A lot of them got really sassy bobs, and they look adorable! They couldn't stop looking at themselves in the mirror...flipping their new bangs around and such. We had a lot of prissy girls running around for a couple of days.
Abigail was the first brave volunteer. She was actually really excited about it.

Jeniffer had A LOT of hair cut off...but she looks as beautiful as ever. I wish I had a good 'after' picture!
This next one cracks me up. Notice Thalia on the left...... She was NOT excited about this, and it was really rough there for a bit.
Please take note of her expression now.... We were all going on and on about how grown up and cute she looked, and she ate it up. :-)

Maribel's bob and new bangs look adorable on her! She has on her new outfit from Ms. Arta as well.


Marcia and Maribel


My new little Mini-Me...Dubiasca. I wasn't there when she got her hair cut...but EVERYONE was telling me that her hair looked JUST like mine. lol.... The kids were all so excited about it for some reason.

Thank you to Miss Melissa who spent 3 or 4 afternoons in a row doing nothing but cutting hair! We love you!

Little Troopers

We had a group of nursing students come through a couple of weeks ago, and one of their projects was to give vaccinations. I wish I would have taken more pics, but I just loved these ones of Fernando. He was so tough!!
Before...... He has no idea what's coming. He thinks this is just another group of gringos who want to love on him. :-)

He's thinking...."Ummmm....Something's not right here....."

My favorite picture..... Look at that face! Notice that Ali is holding the M&M's within sight.

He's looking at the spot...trying to figure out what just happened.

M&M's make everything better..... Smart boy. :-)

Amazingly....quite a few of the kids didn't cry! It was rough watching the other ones who did though. Thank you to the nurses for doing this tough job for us!