Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Happy Girl

  Greis went home to live with her family this past Friday. Her dad came to Casa de Fe to pick her up, and she was ecstatic.  Dwight asked her what she was going to do at home, and she said, “Eat fish.”  ha. Kids LOVE fish here…. the head, fins...especially the eyes after they’ve been fried. yum.

  Geovanny (our therapist) was sad to see Greis go…as were many others.  Geovanny was showing Greis’ dad her daily leg stretches and exercises and also how to use her brace properly.  We REALLY hope that her family continues with her therapy, or she could easily lose some of her functioning. 003

The family was at Casa de Fe for quite a few hours that morning…getting all of her stuff together and going over all of the paperwork.  I snapped a couple of pictures of them together before they left.

Have you ever seen a bigger smile?  Beautiful!



One. VERY. Happy. Girl.