Monday, November 7, 2011

Pastor Appreciation Day

Sunday before last was Pastor Appreciation Day, and the church family we’re a part of had prepared a few special things to honor Pastor Angel and his family. 

We have been taking the 8 oldest girls to church for a while now, and they’re finally getting over their painful shyness.  They were all a part of a skit this morning, and I couldn’t believe that they were so excited about it. I later found out that it was a silent skit, so then I knew why they were so eager. They are usually terrified to speak in front of a crowd!   The skit represented the temptations and burdens of this world and the freedom that we can find from them through Christ.

This skit was about the pastor of the church, and how so many people in the body continue to put more responsibilities on the pastor than he can handle.  Each group from the church was represented by someone who would come talk to the pastor….youth group, women’s ministry, men’s ministry, worship, etc… Each person would explain to the pastor how they were just too tired and could not handle their ministry work any more, and they proceeded to hang the burden of their work around the pastor’s neck.  After the pastor was completely loaded down, he got down on his knees and broke down before the Lord. As he was crying and praying, Jesus (played by an American doctor, Matt Kappen) came behind him and took the burdens from his shoulders one by one.  Afterward, the people representing all of the ministries came back before the Lord and confessed, kneeling down before Him. Jesus replaced each of their ministries and provided the strength they needed to continue in their work.   It was really moving, and I think it spoke to a lot of people in the church.  Please pray that hearts would be touched for service to HIM.


Hernan (one of the maestros and a good friend) represented Missions.