Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Video!!!

We are SO EXCITED about this!!! Here is the new video we will be able to use for fundraising for the the future homes. PLEASE feel free to forward this, use it for your own presentation, show the get the idea. :)

It might take a while to load. Make sure the HD is turned off on the right side of the screen, and that will make it quicker. Follow the link, and you'll be able to download the video if needed.

Yes...I know I look ghetto during my interview..... If you know me well, then you know my hands were moving around like crazy while I talked....which you can't see....which makes my head moving around look ridiculous!! All of the volunteers got a good laugh out of this last night. We also love Dwight's statement of "multiple different backgrounds."
Always good to laugh at yourself, and this has provided plenty of those opportunities for us.


Casa De Fe from Under the Threshold Productions on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you, God, for this video. What a WONDERFUL tool to help us understand and see the need.It is so exciting to see and witness how GREAT GOD IS!!

  2. This was incredible! I'm crying trying to type my comment! What an amazing thing God is doing over there as Pattie Sue, the two of you and the other volunteers serve as the hands and feet of Jesus! I will pass this on for sure!

    Thanks for sharing and giving us this outlet to use so that we can give people the knowledge of what it is you're doing!

  3. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thank you for putting this up and letting us share it with our friends and family. We miss you all already.

  4. The video like everything about Casa de Fe is amazing. By the time I reached the end of the video tears were streaming down my face. I can't wait for Larry to get back home so he can watch it. We tell everyone we meet about what is happening at Casa de Fe and now they have this video to watch. God is so good!!!!!
    We love ya'll!
    Terry Fisher

  5. Wow, I was in tears. Dwight and Tandy, I have featured this at and will do my best to get my readers to support this cause.

    -(SGT) Dan O'Day