Friday, July 9, 2010


Our FABULOUS summer volunteers have the kids occupied with non-stop activities, and I'm loving it. ....Hence my ability to post on here 2 days in a row. :)

I took these pictures at the MUB last week...and I'm just now getting them uploaded. I'll probably take some more this weekend....meaning you'll see them in a week or two. ha!
Tom was a great help in getting the tile started. This is Patti Sue's room that they're working in, and it's now finished.

Sexy knee-pads....

This is the one bath-tub, which will be so great for the babies!

2 coats of paint on all walls and ceilings = tons of fun for our volunteers
Eva worked on trim all day. :)
Pehr and Dennis built and hung the first door. Woo-hoo! All of the doors will slide for easier wheelchair access.

The Ecuadorian maestros and workers have been focusing on the jobs upstairs, because gringos don't know how to do them. :)

Dwight said they've already almost finished the enlucido- the smooth concrete mix that they put over the blocks. Hopefully we'll start plastering upstairs next week.


  1. Thank you for the update. That is so exciting to see how it is progressing. God is good all the time!!

  2. Wow! I can't believe how great the building looks!!! Praise God!! I wish I could come visit you guys!!! :) Keep up the great work you are doing!