Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching Up

I'm so behind in blog posts.....Forgive me.

I was uploading new construction pics from my camera, and I saw a few from the beach trip. I'm waiting to get pictures from the team that took us, because I didn't take many. I got a couple whenever we were doing indoor activities...and relied on everyone else to take them while we were on the beach. :)

Dwight and I LOVED getting to spend time one-on-one with our 'buddies' for the week. Here we are on the bus....settled in for the 10+ hour trip.

Dwight and Angel

Me & Jeni
The group planned a daily schedule including group games, arts and crafts, worship, etc... They did an awesome job.

Even the boys participated in the arts and crafts.....

Ivan and his partner, Luke


....big boys too.

Oh yes....I can't forget the lice party in my room. Woo-hoo! Miss Alison was the victim this time. :) Jeni checked me as well, and I am miraculously lice-free...for the time being.
The girls kept showing Ali what they pulled

It was so great to get away and just spend time with the kids for a week. Dwight and I weren't in charge of anything, and it was fabulous.


  1. I totally heart all of these pictures! The kids are getting so big, I can't believe it. I am a little sad I wasn't invited to the lice party...well, maybe. I dreamed about all the kids last night. Wish I was there. Love you all!
    Julie Y.

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you for blogging!!
    It is ALMOST like being there with you. The pictures are so good they make it look like we could just reach out and touch you.Angel is really growing up fast. He is a fine looking young man, especially with that smile. So glad ya'll were able to enjoy your time with the kids, too.