Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A Chinese family from a city 11 hours away brought in their baby girl last week. Suzanna was born with hydrocephalus, and the parents decided they did not want to keep her. She is 3 months old....and she's beautiful!!!

This was the first photo Patti Sue sent out, but I'm sure she has more by now. :)

Please continue to pray for everyone here at CDF. We continue to have a new group each week, and we currently have 13 individual volunteers here as well. The volunteers have just started their full-day summer schedule, and they are such a blessing! The kids are still getting classroom time and one-on-one tutoring in well as art, P.E., etc... We're being careful not to call it "school," but it definitely resembles it. :)

Patti Sue is leaving for the States for a couple of weeks, so please keep her in your prayers as well. Dallas, Ali and she are all attending a conference at Cornerstone, and I know they'd all appreciate your prayers.

The bottom floor of the MUB is painted....from what I hear. :) I hope to have pics up soon!

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