Saturday, June 12, 2010

Progress at the Property

We had about 40 American helpers at the property over the last two weeks, and there has been so much progress! It's awesome to see things coming together.
First Baptist Brookhaven was here for 2 weeks, and during the second week we had another team of 11 come from Asbury United Methodist from Tulsa, OK. Both teams had awesome attitudes, and they were willing to do anything we needed at the site. Here are a few pictures of the building that I took on Thursday.

The main entrance in the front....
Stairs up to your right....
Storage closet under the stairs....Check out the tile for the first floor!This is the common area that includes the kitchen. This space alone is as big as the entire toddler house we currently have. Close-up of the kitchen area. least 5 times bigger.
They poured this cistern on Tuesday....of course it was all mixed by hand. :) There are 4 large bedrooms off of the common area. - And there is PAINT on the walls!
You can't get a picture of the entire bathroom area, because of the way it's situated. All of the other bathrooms have walk-in showers, but this one has an elevated bathtub to use for the infants and kids with special needs. To the right of the divider is a really large storage/closet space where the sink is also located.

One of the Ecuadorian workers working on the plaster. The walls need 2 coats before they're ready for paint. It's an incredibly precise process, and lots of the volunteers tried their hand at it. The maestros make it look effortless.

The workers are still doing block upstairs, and they'll be working on the enlucido this week while we're gone. This is what you see when you come up the stairs. The middle is a common area. There are 3 large rooms to your left.

Looking into the middle room, which is the office.... The room to the left will be for medical/nursing, and the room on the right of the office is the therapy room. There is another kitchen upstairs in this corner. Patti Sue's plan is that the upstairs area can be used for special events and large group gatherings.
This view toward the back right is where there are more bathrooms/showers.

We are in Quito right now after seeing off both teams from this past week. A team from New Mexico arrives late tonight, and we head to the beach tomorrow. This group comes every 2 years to take the kids on a beach trip, and we get to go this time! Jeniffer is my buddy for the week, and Dwight has Angel. We're so looking forward to spending some time with the kids away from the craziness of the summer. Please pray for safety.
Thalia, Abigail, and Alondra went home on Friday. I think this has definitely been the hardest situation for all of us to be a part of, because the girls were abused by a family acquaintance before. PLEASE pray for them. Also pray that their dad can come to know the Lord and be the father he is called to be. end on a positive note....Happy Birthday to Dwight's mom (11th) and Tandy's dad(13th)! We love you both!

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  1. Thank you, God!!It is so exciting seeing the progress and all the wonderful helpers. Tandy, thank you for letting us know to pray for those precious little girls. We will be glad to pray for them. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for singing to me on my birthday. I always love hearing from you.