Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jonathan David

Those names might look very familiar to the Martin family.

We got a new little boy this morning, and he did not have a name. Apparently it was my turn to name a child....and his new name is Jonathan David. Just like that.

What really happened.... Mama Ines and Patti Sue were pressuring me to name him. I asked 'Why am I responsible for this?!?' (It seemed like a big deal!) This is when they informed me it was 'my turn.' (I didn't know we took turns for this.)

I was trying to think of something....Patti Sue mentioned David...which made me think of Jonathan(in my head).... Then Mama Ines said..."Jonathan?" (out loud), and I said...."Yeah, I was thinking about that..." And then the next thing I know, his official name is Jonathan David.

They talked about making his last name Martin, but I stopped it at that. Dwight's at the property and has no idea there's now another Jonathan. :)

Jonathan's parents had never given him a proper name...They only referred to him as "loco." I pray that he will never find this out or remember this word as he gets older!

Apparently they were trying to sell him on the street, and a young man took him from them. We were contacted yesterday...all of the legal stuff was done this morning, and now this will be his home. He will hopefully be adoptable one day.

He's malnourished, but he'll catch up quickly.
Isn't he beautiful?!?


  1. What a beautiful little boy!! And now he has a beautiful name!!Welcome Jonathan David!!Thank you, God, for adopting us and giving us a beautiful name...YOUR children.

  2. OH my goodness...I want him!!! Either for a son or a nephew?????? :) I'll take either. He's adorable and I want to give him a BIG hug and kiss those little fat cheeks(the only thing chubby on him) Do y'all know how old he is, Tandy? So cute!!! Love y'all. DD

  3. Awwww! He is sooooo cute! Crazy how I can be so sad for his past and so happy for his future at the same time! So thankful you guys are there to show him God's love! Miss you!!! Love you!!!!! :)

  4. So...what are the procedures for adopting? I shared his story with Rob and then showed Rob and Ben his picture and they both said...we want him!...which makes three of us:-)