Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Mornings at Casa de Fe

It's just amazing to sit back and think of how things are continually changing here! School is going really well, and the kids are responding positively to the structure and discipline. (Go figure! :-) The teachers are doing an awesome job of staying motivated and energetic about their work here, and the love they have for the kids is so apparent.

Anyway... We have chapel on Monday mornings, and the teachers introduce the new weekly Bible verse and plan a lesson to reinforce it. The kids also get to sing and learn new songs, pledge to the Bible & Christian flag and pray together. They gather together for a brief time Tu,W,Th before heading to class, but Fridays are exciting for them as well. On Fridays, the kids are presented with Certificates based on who has really stood out the past week. We've been implementing the '7 Habits of a Highly Effective Leader' as some base rules, so there is a lot of focus on character development. All of the kids are growing, and it's a challenging process....but they're getting it! You should see them light up whenever they get the class award for the week.

I was just standing there this morning and struck with this sense of pure joy. I know that a blog post can only impart a fraction of the way I feel and the specialness (for lack of a better word!) of what is going on here at Casa de Fe. BUT....I wanted to share regardless! In the least....I hope it brings a smile to your face and reminds you of what you're blessed with at home or wherever you are.
Veronica got the award for the kindergarten class this week.
Carlos is the only one who's been taking their new karate classes seriously, so his reward was a new uniform. Please disregard the outfit he's wearing in the picture. :-)

Look at that face! He was so excited.

I'm trying to upload a video but having problems. Hopefully I'll be able to post it later!

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  1. I love reading your blog and I check it all the time for updates. You two are amazing. I know you give God all the credit but He is using you mightily!
    We love and miss you so much!!!!