Friday, October 23, 2009


Happy Friday everyone! :-) It's very quiet here right now, and it's wonderful! We're keeping John Paul for a week while Patti Sue is in Cancun at a missionary womens' retreat. As a result....Dwight and I have now pushed our date for wanting to have kids back by about 2 more years.

HA! Just kidding.... We are just REALLY into getting our sleep, and that just doesn't happen when you have a baby! I really am having fun with him. We stayed home in our pajamas all day yesterday, and it was fabulous.

Last night we had the guys who work with Dwight over for dinner. It was Pedro, his wife Sandra and 1 yr. old Amber Danielle. Then there's Luis, his wife Veronica, and their almost 2 year-old Francis. Dwight had described to them what 'fajitas' were whenever he cooked them for my birthday, so that's what we cooked last night. Dwight explained everything in far as what all you put ON the fajita... They were very overwhelmed with all of the options, and they were just staring at all the bowls of toppings. They eventually got into it, and we think they enjoyed it. I wish I would have taken a picture, so you could 'meet' them all!

Please be praying for the relationships involved with these people. The 4 of them have all come to us as individuals at some point....seeking advice, help, comfort, etc.... in regards to marriage and different things going on. While Dwight and I feel like we're the last people they should be asking..... They continue to do so! This is one of the big reasons we want to be more committed to becoming fluent in Spanish. It doesn't really frustrate us until those moments when someone is pouring their heart out to you.....and you can't communicate what's on your heart! So....we would appreciate your prayers.... for each of them individually, for them as married couples and for the men who are trying to truly follow what they know to be as honorable Christian men. It's not easy in this society, because there are many areas that Christians here just kind of gloss over and don't consider wrong. So, we would appreciate your prayers. We know the Holy Spirit is at work whenever we don't have the words, and we have to really rely on that and take comfort in knowing that.
On another note.... we got a new baby boy who is living at Patti Sue's house. It's quite the group of baby boys over there. His name is Nanki, which means lance/spear in his native language. I don't have any pics of him yet, but here's one that Patti Sue sent out in an email. He has one clubbed foot and one of his femurs is malformed. He's the cutest little thing!!!

Also...I never posted these pics of Jeniffer and Thalia's birthday. Mama Inez gathered all of the kids in one room and surprised the girls with this cake.

They put trick candles on there and all of the kids thought that was the greatest thing on earth when the girls had to keep blowing them out.
One of the Tias shoved the girls faces in from behind..... :-)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. God- make a way for Tandy and Dwight to learn Spanish quickly. We know all things are possible with you!! I know this is part of your will... :)