Friday, October 2, 2009

El Numero Dos

Just so the facts are clear, when I found out that Mrs. McGee, Aunt Cindy, and Tandy's best "girl" friend(second to me of course), Emily, were coming, I was excited about taking pictures and writing a blog so that TANDY would be in the pictures. That alone makes for an award winning blog entry, that is... if there were such a prize. So I put together a little slide show of the pictures I was able to capture. I think the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but that certainly is not true with these pictures. The encouragement and excitement Tandy and I experienced could never be expressed by my words or our pictures. It was wonderful seeing Tandy with family and friends and sharing with them first hand the blessings of living and working here with Casa de Fe and the people of Shell.


  1. Great job, brother! Thank you for letting us see through your eyes. I'm so envious of Mrs. McGee, her sister and Emily. Please know that your family LONGS to come see you and Tandy and the work that you are doing. We are so proud of both of you.

  2. Dwight you did a great job!!! That is sooo very special that they got to come see you guys. :) I wish I could come see you too. lol