Friday, October 9, 2009


Kuka (Krushkaya) is one of my favorites....although I would probably say that of all the kids if I thought about it. :-) Kuka has special needs, and she is a hoot! She scared my mom and aunt, which I thought was hilarious. Some of her favorite things are to put objects in high places and then watch them to fall to the ground. She gets REALLY excited the louder and bigger the crash of something. She also enjoys sneaking up to high places and spitting on people below. Hmm...what else... sometimes just randomly kicking you when you have your back know, fun stuff like that.

But her FAVORITE thing is to dance! If anyone starts to sing or play music, she just starts bobbing up and down. She also likes to look up out of the corners of her eyes and turn circles while bobbing. Her position of choice would be standing up on the arms of 2 chairs, bobbing up high. :-)

She came into the office the other day, and Dwight and I had some fun with her. :-) That reminds me...she likes to throw things into the office from behind the fence...and then (OF COURSE) she has to come get them! She usually lingers....pointing to different places on her face where I'm supposed to kiss her before she leaves.

This isn't a great video, but you can kind of see her bobbing up and down while Dwight sings. :-)

Look at that beautiful face! Who could resist that!!??!!


  1. I remember her dancing to the music that the trash trucks used to play (not sure if they still do or not). I always thought it was a weird thing to play ice cream truck type music from a trash truck, but Krushka sure loved dancing to it.

  2. Dwight and Tandy! Benjamin says "Hi" and that he misses you. We still pray for you every night :-) I enjoy keeping up with you on your blog, and just finished watching the latest slideshows. How wonderful that your family and Emily got to come! Thanks for including a photo of precious little Jhony! Ben was so worried about him. It is amazing the things that doctors can do!

    Sending lots of love and prayers your way!
    Rob, Lisa and Ben Peckham