Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Day in the Life.....

Or a few days, I guess I should say. :-)

BUGS... a very normal part of life here. Last Thursday I found this creature crawling into the office. The kids all informed me that he is a centipede and VERY safe to hold in your hand. ........ I didn't try. :-)
Check out his red legs!

The next day at home, I found this little guy crawling on the wall INSIDE our house. I decided it was a teddy bear caterpillar. That name is based solely on the way I think he looks....nothing to do with what it's real name might be. :-)

And apparently we're not the only ones who have been so privileged to have a pet rat. The girls (our teachers) made a birthday cake for some friends and left it covered with a towel on the stove. They got home and found that a rat had eaten a hole through the towel...and proceeded to eat the cake as well. Apparently, the girls deemed it ok to eat, since the rat had to have been standing on the towel during his little snack. Totally logical, right? Um.... can we say, EEEEWWW!?!

Sunday night we were walking out of some friends' house, and there was a huge black tarantula right above Dwight's head. Poor guy... If you know him, then you know how serious of an experience this was for him.

Moving on from bugs.... Roses! I thought I should brighten the mood of this post. Patti Sue picked these up for me in Quito... 25 for $2.50. This is half of them. I was taking a picture, b/c they are HUGE! The blooms are about 5 inches in diameter!

Sunday Haircuts....

Monday..... Kuka with her shirt off, looking through the window.... No idea why....

Maria! Maria was just dropped off earlier today by the children's police division, who found her wandering. We still don't know anything for sure about where she came from or why. (She's on the left.)

She wasn't so sure about my camera. :-)

Please pray for her. She could be here for 2 days or 2 years.... We trust that God knows what's best for her.


  1. Good call Tandy! Daylen loved the bugs...he said "can i touch it?" lol ...But, please, don't bring any home! Thanks for the post! Love yall!

  2. FYI... when I get married, you're bring roses. Okay? :)