Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unicorn Princesses

Yes... that title was just for you, Emily. :-)
I guess it would be more correct if I said "Unicorns AND Princesses," but I couldn't resist the opportunity.
So yesterday I was covering P.E. for Dwight, and the older kids were going to play kickball. I always make them decide a team name together... and it usually takes A LOT of team effort to pick a name. They act like it's the hugest decision in the world. ... Needless to say, I was surprised when one of the teams had decided in less than a minute. Abigail came running up to me and said, "Ms. Tendy. (That's how it sounds when they say my name.) We (pause) is going to be (pause) THE UNICORNS!" She said this very directly and with a lot of authority. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. lol....
Seriously... How on earth did a group of boys and girls decide to be Unicorns so quickly?!? Of all the animals they could have picked..... :-)

Moving on to the Princesses.... Last night the preschool and kindergarten aged girls came over to watch Tinkerbell. They were SO EXCITED! I had already turned the lights out before I remembered to take pictures, and I didn't DARE interrupt the exciting previews by turning them back on!
I don't think pictures could do them justice anyway. They were so cute in their pj's, practically shaking with excitement. I loved watching their faces as different scenes unfolded....the yellow princess....Tinkerbell's new outfit.... the music.... it was world-changing for them. lol....
Here are Nicole (left) and Veronica giving me a smile... It took 3 tries to get their eyes off of the screen. :-) Take note of Veronica's smile...It's fake. She really just wants me to get out of her way so she can look at TINKERBELL!

Ruby was not amused at my distracting photo attempts. Um... but please take note of who is on her pajamas.

Lorena (L) and Tatiana being goofy.

We are family (play the music in your head........) I got all my sisters with me! I feel like this could be our mantra. :-)
I wish you could all be here to experience these "normal" things that I just can't even put into words!

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  1. ohhhhh I miss you guys sooooooo much!!! this was a great post. thanks!