Monday, November 9, 2009


I can't believe Dwight has made it this long without getting some type of injury out at the worksite. I guess his time was coming for this.....

The other day his machete "slipped" and sliced into his left hand, cutting the tendon. He called our friend Paul, an anesthesiologist at the HCJB hospital, and he took care of Dwight. Paul was at home, but took D to the hospital and gave him these manly looking stitches. :-) Dwight said when he moved his fingers, he could see the notch in the tendon where he'd cut it.... it was sliding back and forth. (gag)

Another update: Maria, the little girl I posted about last time, went home last week. We only had her for 2 days, but I pray that she was able to experience God's love while she was here. Thanks for praying for her!


  1. Ouch, sorry Dwight. Thanks for letting us know Tandy. I love the picture of his hand with his wedding ring! Cute. Glad he got the help he needed. Love you guys!

  2. WHAT? You didn't even tell me last night, Dwight? :) Those hands are looking more and more like our dad's hands. Love both of you!

  3. Hey Tandy, Tell Dwight I hope that his hand gets well ...... But, Now that we've seen Dwight's Wedding ring ... I think we all wanna see yours!!!!! Or at least both of yoursd together like they do for Wedding Photos