Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Short-term Team Video

I completely forgot to post this earlier!
We had a team come from Amite Baptist church (LA) the first week of July, and they made a slideshow of their trip to share with their church. I thought they did a great job, and I wanted to post it on here. I feel like they show a lot of the little things (food, the guesthouse, etc...) that really help you understand what a trip down here would be like.
The video starts with their MAF flight to visit the Waorani....that's not what Shell is like. :)
This team had connections with the Whiteheads, so they were split between Casa de Fe and MAF. The group was made up primarily of their church choir, and they had a concert one night at the Whitehead's church. I was so impressed, because they sang quite a few songs in Spanish....while none of them can speak the language! I thought that was very brave of them, and the community loved it.
For those of you coming....I hope this makes you more excited about your trip!

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