Saturday, August 7, 2010

How Could I Forget the HOEDOWN?!?

Yes, we had a hoedown in Shell, Ecuador; and I can't believe I left such a memorable occasion out of my update post.

So...the Hardin family used to live here in Shell, and they come back every summer so Mike can work in the hospital. Apparently, Mike's 2nd profession of choice behind a being a line dance caller...or anything related to country dancing. (That's what his wife told me.)
I was alone for the majority of the event, because Dwight had a basketball game. (Yes, there's a hint of hostility in that statement.) BUT...he did show up for the last ten minutes- covered in sweat and wearing a long-sleeve camo t-shirt- for some 2 stepping to George Strait. That made up for it..... almost. :)
I'm posting these pics for the enjoyment of those who were there, and because they will introduce our families to some of our dearest friends here!!! A lot of our volunteers were there, so I love seeing everyone in these photos.

We started with the chicken dance...followed by the Cotton Eyed Joe and a few other line dances....
Of course we had to stop and stuff our faces, because that's what we do when we get together. During the break there was a watermelon seed spitting contest. Kris (whom we used to live under the first year here) was AMAZING. I wish you all could have seen it. I love these two pictures in succession....especially that you can never really see what you want to see. It was beautiful.
Next we learned to square dance. I was especially lucky, because I was in the same group as my good friend Tracey Jo. (That's not really her name...Dwight called her that one day, and she LOVED it.) Anyway...she wasVERY exuberant in her square dancing....wishing she has some fuschia colored petticoats. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. She's in the brown... you can't even see her other leg, because she's lifting her knee so high.
Time for the TWO STEP!!! Dan and I took the first took us a while, but we got there. :)
The rest are some fun couple pics that I just love... good times.
Fred & Desi Schmidt

Paul & Kim :)

Dan & Tracey Jo

Here's Ron & Margie with Huevito (Samy)...Dwight says he looks like a Humpty Dumpt character....big round body with little stick legs hanging out. He NEVER stops eating!

So....there you have it. Missionaries dancing. Who knew!?!

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