Monday, August 16, 2010

Goodbyes for Now

We've had quite a few kids leave over the past few months, and I don't think I've posted about all of them going home. Here is a complete list (for the time being) of kids who've gone home to their families. PLEASE pray for them!

- Thalia, Abigail, and Alondra- These 3 sisters left at the beginning of the summer. Thalia just came by last week, and she said everyone is doing well. Abigail and Alondra are at their family's 'finca' in the jungle right now. I always grill her about whether or not they're eating enough, safe, etc... They were abused by their landlord before coming here, so please pray for their protection from further abuse. Their dad is raising them alone, so please pray that he would learn to be a good father to them.
- Jessica- Our little powerhouse went home about 3 weeks ago. Her mom came by to pick her up for a visit, because her grandmother was not doing well. Jessica told her mom and us that she wanted to go home for good. The reason Jessica came in the first place was because the mother could not take care of her/provide her needs. We won't be surprised if Jessica decides to come back, but we will continue to pray for her home life in the meantime.
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- Esteban- Esteban's family has not visited for a couple of years now. We started his adoptability process a few months ago, and that begins with contacting his family. After we contacted them, they began to come visit Esteban again. He now walks independently with his braces, and we're thinking that changed him in his family's eyes. I think they believe they will be able to take care of him now. Esteban and Rosa were best friends, so here they are together. :)

- Carlos & Marley- Their mother visited the last week of school (2nd week of June), and Carlos REALLY wanted to go home with her. Marley was bawling her eyes out, because she did NOT want to go home. Marley was abused by an older half-brother, so she does not want to live with her mother again and have to be around that brother. Long story...The mom eventually came back 3 weeks ago, and both Carlos and Marley went home with her. We were confused about why Marley would have changed her mind. We don't know if the mom told her something to bribe her or what.... Just please, please, please lift them up...Marley especially.

Fernando & Laura- We got Fernando and Laura over a year ago. Extended family members brought them in whenever their dad was sent to prison. In Ecuador, the children are placed in the jail cells with parents if there is not any other family to take care of them. At this point, their mother was not in the picture. We've had them for the past year, and it wasn't until this summer that the mom came around. It was heart-breaking to watch her with the kids the first time. We don't know the truth of why she left in the first place, but the possibilities are endless. She began to visit the kids regularly, and she cried every time she came. Mama Ines and our social worker visited her apartment in Ambato, and they said she is definitely prepared to take care of the kids. Pray for their protection and their mother as she becomes a single mother of two.

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