Monday, April 27, 2009

Laura and Fernando

Last Friday we got 2 new little ones, a brother and sister. Laura is between 12 and 18 months, and she’s in the baby house. Fernando is about 3, and he’s in the back with the big kids. They are both so beautiful, and they’ve adjusted so quickly.

Every time I go to check on them I find them laughing and playing with the others. Sometimes new siblings get upset if we have to split them up, but these two are really doing great.

I couldn’t believe what Patti Sue told me about the jail system here. The reason we got these two kids is because they were about to go to jail with their dad. Yes…I said with. Apparently the dad was sentenced to jail, and the mom said she wasn’t taking the kids and took off. In Ecuador, if a parent doesn’t have anyone to take their children….they go to jail with them. So you have a room full of adult male prisoners…and sometimes little ones like these. Can you imagine!?! Ugh…makes my stomach hurt.

Someone heard this was going to happen, and called Ines at the orphanage. We had the kids about an hour later. It’s in situations like these that I’m just continually humbled at what the orphanage provides for so many kids in need…a safe haven. God is doing some huge things, and it is awesome that people in the community are aware that there is help if needed.


  1. What cuties!! and what a story they have! Wow!

  2. They are precious! Such a sad situation... I cannot imagine kids in jail with all those adults, obvious criminals. Thank the good Lord for what you've got to offer them instead!

  3. They are so precious. I had no idea the system worked that way! Keep up the good work (and the blogging :) , Tandy and Dwight! I'm so inspired by y'all. I pray for you all of the time. I'm so, so proud of you my friend!