Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jonathan's clippers

Dwight gave a few of the boys haircuts the other day, and it was fun to be an observer. :-) I just loved some of the facial expressions. They usually get a really quick bowl cut or buzz, and they’re done. Dwight gave them all fades, and getting around the ears with the clippers was quite humorous.

Martin was first. Looking at these pictures now, I realize I didn’t get one of him smiling. I thought the scared faces were too funny. He tends to be quite dramatic, so when he wasn’t making these faces he was laughing. Oh…and offering him a sucker helped.
Pablo was next….notice the smile. He was THRILLED to be allowed into Patti Sue’s room where we were doing this. He couldn’t sit still, because he was so excited.

That didn’t last long. Check out this face…..

He was watching him VERY closely in the mirror….

HA! This is my absolute favorite picture! This is when Dwight was trying to get around his ears. About every 5 seconds, he would whip his head around and glare at the clippers with this look on his face….like he was getting on to them. You’d have to know Pablo… he’s a blast.

Here he is with his after shot. I took these the next day, and they had just gone to pick some grapefruit. They all thought I wanted pictures of the fruit…not the hair.

Next was Carlos….He was such a little man about it all. Carlos has such a sweet, calm disposition that makes him stand out among the boys. Here’s some before and after of him. What a difference!

Look at that beautiful smile!

I didn’t stay in the room for the rest of the time, but I got an after shot of Jefferson (Left) and Ivan. Aren’t they so handsome? All of these children really are beautiful.

I’ll have to post one on Angel later. He’s the oldest of the boys here…almost 12. He has his a little longer on the top…combed forward and spiked up. I think he’s grown 2 inches since the haircut…he seems to walk around with a much straighter posture. :-)

Now all of the kids who didn’t get one are jealous…They continue to ask Dwight when he’s going to cut theirs!

Thanks for all of the positive comments on the blog! I know I tend to ramble....poor Dwight. :-)


  1. Oh how precious... who'd think that a simple haircut could make such a difference in their confidence?! You are truly being able to see amazing things through these kids, huh? Blessings to you both!

  2. Love the blog and keep up with the wonderful work you two are doing! I can see how this has blessed ya'll.

  3. That is amazing how the impact you guys are getting to have with those kids. My only advice to the boys would be to watch the eyebrows, Big D can get to them quickly before you even know whats going on. Ha.