Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hot Chocolate and English

I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me calling this "cute," but that's what comes to mind. :-)

Last Friday afternoon, Dwight brought the men he works with on the construction site to the orphanage. They went upstairs to one of the classrooms, and set up Dwight's laptop to use Rosetta Stone for an English language. They had planned to do it the day before, and Dwight said they were all really excited about it.

The hot chocolate.... A couple of weeks ago, they were all waiting for the rain to stop and started talking about coffee. One of the guys said he would bring his coffee pot, so they could all have some. .... He brought his coffee pot, and some unsweetened cocoa mix -kind of like Nestle Quick- ...and he didn't know how the coffee pot worked. Dwight showed them how to put water in there, and they used it to make hot chocolate....which, of course, tasted awful. After that, Dwight promised them he would make his mom's homeade hot chocolate mix and let them all have some. It was surprisingly easy to find what we needed conisdering powdered milk is VERY popular here.

So....hence the hot chocolate and the English lessons. :-) I just loved it when I went up there and saw them in that little room together huddled around the computer. Unfortunately, I didn't get one of Dwight with the teapot serving the cocoa. It was very much HIS thing! (which means I kept trying to help, and he did not want it) lol...

The friendship among the guys has been growing. I know they pray about different things at the different languages, with noone truly understanding anyone else. But the beauty of it is that it doesn't matter! I love that God hears prayers in every language, and I love that the Holy Spirit fills in where we cannot. We continue to see evidence of that here, and it's very humbling.

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