Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Wow! I'm so behind on posting. I typed up something on the new baby boys we got last week, but the computer wasn't cooperating..... They've now been here about a week and a half, and they're doing so great. It's amazing to see what that short time can do for babies that are in need of some love.....

We got two new baby boys this week, and they are precious. I've become quite attached to little David....say that the Spanish way...not the English way. :-) David is 3 months old, and he's perfectly healthy from all of the tests and doctor's reports up to this point. He loves to "talk"/coo and smile....

Look at those cheeks!!!

Little Frixon is 8 months old, but he's smaller than David. His little eyes roam back and forth, and we're not sure what type of developmental delay he has. They label everything here as cerebral palsy, but we'll have to wait for some more tests to see. He's such a sweet baby, and the healthy diet is already doing him so much good!

I've seen him smile and coo now, and it's amazing to see the changes in such a short time.

Just 2 more reminders here at the orphanage that God is sovereign and takes care of His children.

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