Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well, our summer officially started on May 24th with the arrival of the first team. I'll post more about them later.... Since I'm so behind on blogging, I'm just going through my latest pictures as a guide for what to write about. Here are a few of the latest things going on.... Jonathan sleeping with his wooden parrot....a gift from his new Uncle Rob from Brookhaven.
We went on a hike to Hola Vida (waterfall) in celebration of Dia del Nino. Jonathan was playing with Elizabeth...his new best friend from Brookhaven.

Before the hike with

We never get our picture together, because I'm always taking them!

We had a despedida (going away party) at the Nate Saint House for the 5 people on staff who are leaving. Dwight led worship for the missionary community, and it was such a blessing to feel like we were in English church!

We had our first outing/activity with the girls' Sunday school class from church. We went to the river and had a parillada (BBQ). They've been SO SHY at church, so this was a good way for them to open up a little with the other kids and their teacher.

Ha! We eat sack lunches with the teams on the front porch of the MUB. Jonathan and Dwight passed out afterward. This is not a pose. :)

Summer is always a crazy time for us. This year we have a HUGE blessing in Heidi, a volunteer who is helping us with teams. She is traveling back and forth to Quito (which we've always done before), so we now get at least a day or two break in between each time. It is already making a difference in this year's schedule, and we're so grateful!

Please pray that we will surrender our selfish desires and be servants in whatever way God desires. It's especially difficult when we feel tired and stressed, and we're thankful for prayers!


  1. Hi guys,
    We want some photos of the school in progress!!!

    Rob and Nancy Fisher

    We loved all your pics of our boy Jonathan!!!

  2. Mr. Rob is a goofball!!! LOVE the picture of Jonathan & I!!! I still have my parrot in my room...
    Elizabeth Stewart