Thursday, June 9, 2011

School Pictures

Chad & Andi Irwin are missionaries with MAF here in Shell. They are both talented in photography, and they bless everyone here with their gift. On their 'time off,' they're constantly doing photo sessions for other missionaries and friends here in Shell.
They came out to Casa de Fe last week and took school pictures for us, and they turned out so great!! Here's a link to visit their blog where they've posted all of the pictures: http//

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  1. Tandy, the link has an extra http:// at the beginning. When I tried to click on it the first time it told me it wasn't a good address. Then when I deleted that first http:// it worked great. I just thought I would mention it so that you could adjust it in your post or in case someone else had trouble like me! I love the pictures. Thanks for letting us see them.