Friday, June 17, 2011

Goodbye's are NO FUN!

We had a night of sharing and encouragement for the 5 staff members who are officially leaving this year. They're all out of the country now except for Ali....they're missed greatly already! Here's some more info. on each of them.....

Pehr & Ingan were here for a year from Sweden. They're both teachers at home, and they served in multiple areas at CdF. Here's their blog, and you can use the Google translate link to switch it to English.

Dallas Farrell came from Washington to teach for 2 years, and now she's living in Dallas. :) Dallas posted on the CDF blog.

Alison Bowen came from Alaska/Texas :) to teach for 2 years, and she's moving back to The Woodlands, TX. See her blog...

Bethany Sauls came from Austin/Conroe to teach art this past year, and she's moving back to Austin. Here's her blog.

We will miss these wonderful people so much!!! Keep them in your prayers as they go forward from here.

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