Friday, May 15, 2009

Weight Lifting Competition

Wow... remember that crazy weekend two weeks ago?? Yes... I still haven't finished blogging about it. :-)'s one more thing that happened that weekend!

As soon as the guys finished running the marathon, we walked down to the ‘coliseo’ where our kids were having a weight-lifting competition. We have 4 of the ‘big kids’ who go to the gym every day and practice with a trainer. They love it, and we were so excited to see them in action.

They had TONS of people cheering them on compared to the other competitors. You could just see their little shoulders go up a couple of inches when we would cheer for them. :-)

I was so impressed….I don’t know how they could do this!

Here's Jenifer- She's the smallest, and I don't think she's as into it as the others. She looks so petite compared to the other girls.

Rosa really enjoys it, and I think she took 1st in her division.

Jessica is a natural! Check out her legs!! We all wish that she had access to the level of competition in the states...even with gymnastics rather than weight-lifting. She is such a power-house! I'm pretty sure she always wins in her division....

Here's Angel...our oldest boy. The faces he made were cracking me up. He tries to be so macho and serious. I think he got 1st in his division as well.

This was a regional competition, and Angel and Jessica just traveled to compete in a much larger competition between 12 provinces. Jessica got 4th, and Angel got 5th. We're so proud of them!

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