Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots to Do

Time has been flying lately! Dwight has been busy at work on the property. The group from the government that is responsible for finishing the foundation, beams & 2nd floor are getting closer to completion. Yesterday was supposed to be "the big day" for pouring the 2nd floor, but they were rained out by mid-morning. They're doing it right now....but it's still raining. Dwight walked home for lunch(about 3/4 mile) with nothing to block the rain - obviously soaked by the time he got home. He was excited though, b/c it's the first time he's felt cold here. :-) We continue to joke about Dwight doing a blog post, because it continues to NOT happen. I'm hoping after I post this, he'll feel guilty enough to do it. ha! He's taking some pictures today though, and we'll post them later. Notice I said "we".....

I am busy trying to prepare for everything before the summer hits. Our first work group, along with 4 individual volunteers, arrive May 29th. After that, we have back to back groups, along with many other individual volunteers rotating through. We are so excited to have all of these people, but if it's not could be a disaster. For the first time...We're hoping to have an organized schedule for the entire summer. Our kids don't get out of school until July, so I'm trying to create a schedule (kind of like summer camp) for June and a different one for July. It's going to be such a blessing to have all of these extra hands!

We're also excited to see how much gets done on the multi-purpose building, and we'll hopefully be moving in the fall. Keep that in your prayers, please!

I've also been busy with showers! There has been a crazy rush of people getting married and having babies in this missionary community. I've got 2 more this Saturday, and then I'll be throwing one for Chantal on the 7th! Dwight and I definitely were not expecting to have so much going on socially, but it's been great to have such a welcoming extended family here.

Last Friday night, we had 12 of the oldest kids over for a movie night. You can see the sheet we hung on the wall for our 'movie screen.' :-)

This was before we started the movie....The kids will be singing a few songs at church on the 31st, so they need to learn the actual verses to 'Come, and go with me...." They love to sing the chorus, but noone knows the verses. Dwight was practicing with them a little.

It's crazy that we're here for the kids, but we're currently both working in different areas. It will definitely be different for me after the summer, because I'll focus more on therapy after the group planning is done. Dwight and I want to be more intentional about spending quality time with the kids, so we were so glad the movie night worked out.

Dwight made them popcorn on the stove...which they're used to. BUT...Dwight put melted butter all over it... One of the girls, Jhulisa, said with her eyes really wide after she tasted it, "JONATHAN! con mantequilla (with butter)- is GOOD!" It was hilarious.
Back to the present...
I went into the baby house for something earlier and ran across Cintia.....

Notice her shirt says Trouble Maker...which is so true! It just doesn't look like it in this picture. :-) Little things like this make the day!

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  1. MISS YOU and wish you were here so I could share my weekend with you! I can't wait to come visit.

    Love the pics.