Tuesday, May 5, 2009

John Paul

Look at this precious little face!

He’s 3 days old now. His mom came and dropped him off yesterday morning. She was very young, and it was hard to see her crying so much. She had not registered his birth yet, so her decision is final. We will fill out the paperwork, so he will be legally filed as Patti Sue’s child.

I had the privilege of changing the solid black tar diaper when we got him. :-) The joys of newborns!! He really is a good baby. Patti Sue is keeping him right now, because we don’t want him around all of the other little ones yet. I can’t wait to see how he changes as he grows.

He was 5.2 pounds! We do NOT grow them like that in either the McGee or Martin family, so I can't get over how tiny he is!

The number of kids at the orphanage changes every week.... This put's us at 56 for the moment. :-)

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  1. He is beautiful! I can't wait to hold him when I get there.

    Thanks for doing the posts on each of the kids. I love hearing their stories.