Saturday, July 16, 2011

Warning: Grandparent Update

That's just a heads up to let you know that this post is for the grandparents and family at home....which means A LOT of pictures of the same thing....Jonathan. :)

I have to say that our favorite thing about the house we live in now is the front porch. We're on the 2nd floor, so it feels more private on this level. The porch is HUGE. It's also perfect, because Jonathan gets to play outside without being downstairs in the muddy jungle yard we have on the ground level. Anyway....I was realizing how much I appreciate our porch as I started to upload all of the pictures, and I realized that the majority of them were taken here.

Ha! His face looks so chubby! This one cracks us up, because it really doesn't even look like him.

Most of it actually did make it into his mouth.... First experience with shaving success :) I wasn't joking when i said pictures of the same thing....

These are backwards in he slowly gets cleaner as you go down. :)

Love the hands....

We were at Ecoparque with one of the teams, and he decided to start modeling for Heidi and I. He's such a poser!

I wish you could really see his face! This was one day after he woke up from his nap. He kept falling asleep sitting up, but he was fighting it.

Ok. This should be a sufficient number of pictures for the grandparents. Love you guys!


  1. Cutie Patootie!!!! Can't wait to see him in person. Love you Little "J". And I'm kinda fond of your parents, too. :)
    Love, Aunt DD

  2. Doesn't have to just be the grandparents to appreciate such preciousness! Love him already... and love and miss you guys too!