Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sarita & the Gemelos

3 little ones that we've had for a long time went home recently.

Sarita's mom was 14 (I believe) whenever she had her, and she asked CdF to care for her until she was able to do it herself. What we thought would be a year or so turned into more than 3. We recently started Sarah's adoptability process, b/c the mom never came to visit. As soon as she found out about the adoption, she showed up on the doorstep....VERY pregnant about to have another child. She came back about a month later carrying the newborn in a sling, and Sarah went home with her.

It was hard for everyone to say goodbye to Sarah, because she had been at Casa de Fe since birth. But....it's always a good thing to see a family reunited. As always...we ask that you pray for Sarah and her family. Pray that they would come to know Christ personally, and that Sarah would be raised in a healthy environment.

This is Nila on the left and Sarita on the Right. Hilarious.

The gemelos (pronounced 'hemelos') were twin boys that were actually triplets. The parents could not care for all 3 of them, so they kept one and sent the other 2- Josue & Nathanael- to CdF. In this case as well, we heard that the mom was pregnant again. It's hard to know that these moms are not taking care of the children they already have, and yet they're pregnant again! I don't know as much about the boys' family. I know that their aunt and grandma are very involved in the care of the 3rd little boy that stayed with the family. Raising kids here is often a family affair, so that's pretty typical. Please pray for the parents...that they would take responsibility and be involved in the boys' lives.

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  1. SO thankful that Sara is back with her mom. I remember taking her to the hospital after her grandmother dropped her off. As soon as her mom was released from the hospital (she had a c-section) she came to pick up her baby. So thankful they are back together. She showed so much love for that little girl and things were very hard on her when visiting. People from the church we went to down there have visited with the mom and talked to her over the years. We will keep praying for all of these special children to be with families and also come to understand just how much they are loved by God.