Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work Weekend

So.....yeah....the Multi Use Building is STILL in progress. It seems like we've made (and then
changed) our plans about 254 times now. PLEASE pray for Dwight and the other workers as they continue to work all hours to get the building done. Pray for the rest of us as we attempt to have more patience with this process.

This past weekend we were all up at the property trying to help out. (notice I said trying) Almost all of our school staff came in 2 days before, and they were all there to help as well. Let me introduce you to everyone... (I know the girls will love that these particular pictures are accompanying their introduction.) One day soon I'll put up some pics where you can actually see their faces.

Megan is our 1st-3rd(ish) grade teacher this year. She was cleaning for me, so I could put down the plastic molding....so sweet of her.
Ingan was working at the property every day last week....She's amazing.
Patti Sue putting flowers on the dining room chairs. She's had to bury her inner artist over the last few years, but this was the perfect outlet. :)

Patti Sue recruited Bethany to help with the chairs....considering she's our new art teacher!

Alison....returning to teach the oldest class (4th-6thish) and Aleta, one of the support staff, who will teach P.E. and help with lots of other things.

Some of the tias came up to help clean....SERIOUS dust.

Amanda will also teach P.E. with Aleta, help with tutoring, extracurricular activities, etc...

Ingan and I scooted around on the floor like this for hours (fri afternoon & saturday). I felt like such a wimp afterward, because I was so sore. I think we are now fully qualified at applying plastic molding.

Did you know Dwight was a welder?!? Yeah...me neither. I think he learned by watching a few videos online...no big deal apparently. He comes home every night to proudly point out his new burn marks and patches of missing hair. :) He's also now a plumber, electrician, general contractor, cement man, etc... fascinating.

No...all joking aside... After I worked at the property for one and a half days (and felt like I couldn't move and never wanted to go back), it really made me think about how hard Dwight works! I honestly cannot fathom how he does it day in and day out. Not to mention that he has all of the planning and management responsibilities on top of the manual labor. Anyway...it just really hit me. Please pray for him as he continues to work so hard to finish the kids' new home.

Omer & Mary Jane Troyer (Omer's our new Director of Education) came in on Saturday afternoon, and they joined the teachers and Patti Sue on Sunday to pain the classrooms. He took a bunch of pictures and made a slide-show. I have to say...I LOVE it when someone else makes an album, labels the pics...and then I just get to post them. :) He had some great pics of the building from several views, and I know a lot of people are anxiously waiting for those updates. Copy and paste the following link to see his pics:
**Take special note of the roof over the laundry area in the back! Dwight & Freddy were working so hard to finish that on Saturday...and they did! (at 7:00pm!) They had just secured the first 2 sheets of metal when this crazy storm blew through and ripped both sheets off. It was very discouraging, but Dwight was SO relieved and excited when they finished that night. Thank you, God! Each small success means a lot at this point.


  1. My bride is too sweet! Thank you for all your kind words. I love you T-Lou!

  2. Loving all the windows in the classrooms; what a cool environment in which to learn! Dwight, you're a rock star!