Monday, April 26, 2010

Springtime Fun!

Tammy did an awesome job planning an Easter party for the kids at our house. She brought decorations, favors, had all of the games planned out...It was a dream come true for me. :-)
It was the first time for us to have that many kids over to the house we're at now, and we were SO thankful for the huge yard and covered porch!


  1. Thank you, Easter Bunny Tammy!!Looks like FUN FUN FUN!!!Thank you, Tandy, so much for sharing the pictures and telling about each one. You do such a good job. It means so much to be able to see all the children and see what all you are doing.

  2. Loving the pictures! Great blog, Tandy! I love keeping up with your adventures at CDF!
    -Julie Y.