Friday, April 23, 2010

Doyles' Visit

FINALLY!!! It has been even crazier than normal lately, and I'm so behind on posts! I can't do slideshows from our house, so getting this done during work hours at the orphanage seems impossible. :-) I'll follow up with another slideshow of the Easter party that Tammy planned for the kids. They had a blast! It needed its own I'll get there eventually!

The Doyle family came to visit the last week of March and stayed through Easter Sunday. Dwight met the Doyles in Alaska when he was first stationed there, and they became his second family. They moved to Tennessee while Dwight was deployed in Iraq, so they haven't been able to spend time together in several years. It was a sweet reunion!

We had so much fun having them with us for the week, and there was just no way to capture everything we did in these pictures! Dan, Connor, and Sean helped Dwight out at the property, and the Ecuadorians were AMAZED at how big the boys were. :-) The boys taught P.E. with Dwight and Dan was assigned some semi-unpleasant nursing jobs...Martin's cast and some vaccinations. Tammy helped with the shots as well, and she was an organizational DREAM here in the office! ( at our house too:-) ) She spent so much time getting all of the kids' medical folders up to date and organized. That has been a huge blessing!

Dwight and I felt like it was Christmas in March! Tammy has spoiled me rotten with vanilla candles, Bath Junkie, coffee, creamer, and a new salad dressing I LOVE. Dwight was surprised with a MASSIVE container of chili, several blocks of Velveeta, Ranch powder mix, cookies, his favorite artichoke dip.... the list goes on! Wow... We are still enjoying a lot of the food. :-) They also brought tons of donations from our Walmart Wish List for the orphanage, and I can't wait for the kids to use it all in the new building. Thank you to all of the others who donated things for them to bring as well!

It was just such a blessing to have them with us for the week. We LOVE sharing our lives here with people we love. It's just impossible to really get people to understand what things are like here and how special these kids are. You just have to come for yourself, and you'll see how easy it is to fall in love!

Thank you Dan, Tammy, Connor, and Sean for spending your Spring Break with us! We loved every minute of it.

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  1. We sure DO THANK YOU, Doyles!! WOW WOW WOW!!
    GOD IS GOOD!!!