Friday, September 23, 2011

My Pablo

Pablo is definitely my special buddy, and he made my day today. One of my jobs is to give out new clothes and shoes as needed, so all of the kids treat me like I'm Santa Claus when they need something. I love seeing their excitement when they get something new, but nothing compares to Pablo's excitement.

I went downstairs to find him, and I told him to go tell the tia he was coming with me to get new shoes. He raced into the other room screaming, "TIA, TIA!!! Arriba!!! Mrs. Tandy!!! Zapatos!!!" He didn't stop- just ran into the room and back out- screaming the whole way. He threw down his ever present rag/hand towel/glove- whatever he’s flapping around for the day, and that’s how you know things are really serious. He flew upstairs to the 3rd floor as I tried to keep up.

We found the PERFECT shoes- velcro Spiderman with LIGHTS. The person who donated those shoes had no idea how valuable they would be! :) Pablo was ecstatic….especially about the lights. I told him to go show them off downstairs, so he stomped down the stairs and ran to anyone he could find. He figured out that if he kicks his feet in the air the lights will turn on….quite humorous to behold.

We did new clothes next, and that was equally as exciting. I never knew that new underwear could be THAT big of a deal. Wow. He kept pulling them up really high and popping the waistband. Lol…. We got him dressed in a new outfit, and he couldn’t stop rubbing his new shirt. He had his pile of new clothes bundled up against his chest, and he did NOT want to let them go. He raced downstairs immediately, and went to put them in his drawers. He wanted to throw away his old clothes, but I told him they were still ok to use. It was hilarious watching him put everything in its proper place.

The tias and teachers all made him feel so good…whistling, telling him he was handsome. The joy and pride was just oozing out of him, and it was so much fun. He definitely brightened everyone’s day today…especially mine. I love him so much.

Here are a few photos…. This is his special smile for the cameras...

Here it is again...but he was so excited he kept tilting his head back at the same time.

Just this week I was talking to someone about my old job. I was telling her about my old much I miss them and love when I was with them I knew that I was doing exactly what God created me to do...and the joy that comes from being in that moment. I miss it all so much. I feel like my time with Pablo today was just a special gift from remind me that He knows my heart. Thank you for Pablo, Father!


  1. I can just imagine how excited he must have been! Thanks for posting the story and photos. I hope that God keeps giving you opportunities to do what you love while you are at CDF.

  2. This is SOOOO great!!.... mostly because I can picture this and you described it so well! Thanks for sharing - that definitely made my day! Oh, Pablo!! :)

    So glad to hear that things are going well. I miss everything!!
    Your post about Jonathan and his smiley face was pretty great, too... bragging rights are definitely in order.

    Much love,

  3. So, so precious! He must have been serious to ditch the glove! Too fun- thanks for letting us share this exciting day!
    Julie Y.