Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maestros & The School

  Progress on the school is very exciting these days!  When you start to see the walls go up it really feels like it will happen sooner than later. Here are some great pics Dwight took last week….

Casa de Fe School 001


Casa de Fe School 002

Flavio a.k.a. Puma

Casa de Fe School 003

Hernan a.k.a. Caiman

Casa de Fe School 005

Luis a.k.a. Burro

Casa de Fe School 007

Jaime a.k.a. Profesor 

Jaime and his wife just welcomed a baby girl this week!  She needed an emergency C-section, and the free/cheap hospital in Puyo did not have any surgeons that day. Crazy, we know.  They had 2 options….to ride in an ambulance over 2.5 hours to another city or come to HCJB Hospital Vozandes here in Shell.  It’s considerably more expensive than the public hospitals in Puyo, but it wasn’t even a safe option to wait another 2.5 hours in an ambulance!  So….they ended up at Vozandes where her C-Section cost $800.00.  They were definitely not prepared for this part, because they thought it would be a natural birth until just this past week when she began to experience complications.  They have had to borrow money from family members to pay their bills, and it has cleared out their savings as well.  Please keep their family in your prayers, and also praise God for their healthy baby girl! 

Casa de Fe School 010

Fredy & Jonathan

Dwight enjoys working on the site whenever no one else is around, so he took advantage of that today to finish a welding project.  Jonathan went with him, and it was like a dream for him….mounds and mounds of dirt at his disposal.  Dwight brought home some great pics, so I could share in the fun they had.

Jonathan Saturday at CDF 003

Jonathan Saturday at CDF 010

Dwight said he heard Jonathan yelling, “Atty, apos! Apos!” (pronounced aw-pose); translation- “Daddy, shoes! Shoes!”  This is what Dwight found…..

Jonathan Saturday at CDF 014


Jonathan Saturday at CDF 019

Total fascination.  I don’t even want to know why he has dirt caked all around his mouth.

LOVE his little feet and hands….this was my gift for the day.  He has grown and changed so much since April!  He’s getting a little chubby lately, and we love every bit of it. 

Jonathan Saturday at CDF 020

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  1. Great work, brother. The school is looking great! Great pictures, too. Cayce and I just laughed and laughed at the "apos". Cayce said "He looks like a bird." LOL It does look like bird feet. We've got to get these cousins together soon!!! :) Miss and love you guys so much. Thank you for sharing, Tandy.