Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Home

We are in our own house!!! That's a really big deal for us. :) Since we came back to Ecuador in January, we've been living with other people. Speaking of those other people......
  • THANK YOU to Wes & Donna King. They housed us for 6 weeks during language school in Banos. I'll do a full post on that later....
  • THANK YOU to Dan & Tracey Whitehead....who housed us for 4 or 5 weeks...basically any time we came to Shell during the last 2 months.
  • THANK YOU to the Waskosky family who let us live with them for their last 3 weeks here in Ecuador.
We continue to be so humbled by others' attitudes about their homes. These missionaries truly do have a different mindset of 'their' things. We pray that we'll pass their hospitality along when we have the chance with others in the future.
The Waskosky family moved back to the States last week after 24 (can't remember exactly, but a LONG time!) years in Ecuador. They have given us a HUGE gift in allowing us to live in their fully furnished home for the next year or two. We lived under the Waskosky's during our first year here, and we already miss them. Their family has been such an example of hospitality and sacrifice to us.
We are still unpacking, so the house is a wreck at the time. :) Here's a pic from the front/outside. We lived in the downstairs the first year, and now we live in the upstairs.
We are thanking God for His continual provision!!!

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