Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MeMom & PaPa in Ecuador!!!!

Dwight's parents arrived on October 16th, and they get to stay until November 1st. It has been SO awesome to share our lives here in Shell with them, and I know it means the world to Dwight to have them here! Unfortunately for them....they are keeping our work hours with us every day. ha! :) They've been a big help to both Dwight and I with our daily work, and I feel like I have a magical house-cleaning fairy visiting my house at night. LOVE that. We've been eating like crazy...enjoying special treats from the States and our favorites from here. It's been so exciting to watch them experience new things and bravely conquer some fears!!! We are just so thankful, because their presence here is an answered prayer...possibly even qualifying as a miracle! ;) God is so good. Anyway...I'm horribly behind on my blogs, but I wanted to share some pictures from their first day here. We arrived in Shell last Sunday night, and we came straight to Casa de Fe so they could meet the kids.

Let the hugs begin!!! Junior has only been with us for a few weeks now. He is adorable!
The gemelos are always eager to be held during tours. :)
I love this one! They decided to have a little group hug.

Nayely was gettin' some serious lovin'! MeMom first....
Then PaPa.....

I just love her little hands around his neck. We went around to the back to see the big kids, and they were all lined up on the stairs- fresh from the shower. :)
Dwight was introducing the kids to his parents, and Pablo was trying to get his attention in the meantime. :)
I LOVE this picture!!! From L to R- Kevin, Wilson, Jimy, Javier, Ariel, & Gilmar - Que guapo!!!
Tatiana, Ana, & Dubiasca....with Ariel sneaking in the back.
Coco is HUGE. I think Dwight pulled some muscles when he threw Coco in the air.
I'm pretty sure 'PaPa' got a workout lifting the kids up over and over and over....
Our resident beauty queens, Maribel & Nicole
This used to be Dwight's daily routine whenever he was here at Casa de Fe on a daily basis. All of the kids crowd around the window, and he takes turns throwing each kid into the air....3 times each to keep it fair. :) Alejo is probably the funniest one, because he gets this terrified panicked look as the highest point....but then is grinning by the time you catch him. He does it EVERY time you throw him up, and it's hilarious! You can almost see his expression here....he's at the scared point in this pic. lol...

Sarita :) I wish you could here the deep giggle that she does every time.
This was taken as Jonathan came down from his little trip in the air. Love it!
The next 2 pics are of the gemelas (female twins). They crack me up! :)

Mrs. Martin has been taking some awesome pictures since this first day. Hopefully I'll get them up in the near future.

Here's a video that I know the family will enjoy seeing. A sweet moment!


  1. LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for posting all of this, Tandy. Cayce looked at it with me and he just stares at all of the pictures. I love that he's seeing his Papa and Memom and Uncle and Aunt loving on all of those sweet little faces. We enjoyed reading it and looking at all of the pics (and crying, of course). SO SWEET!! Thanks for the video, too. It makes us feel like we were there. Love all of you.

  2. What a wonderful answer to prayer! Watching the video made me tear up because I know how you guys have longed to have them make that trip, and that was so much more than the normal "hey mom and dad!" that the rest of us are used to! Praise God! I'm so glad they decided to make the trip and that you are getting to share Ecuador with them!