Friday, March 26, 2010


We have had a CRAZY week, and we are now in Quito trying to relax.... We're staying at OMS with our friends Darryl & Kelly, eating Tony Roma's delivery, watching March Madness, and looking for blog backgrounds. :-) VERY different life than in Shell!
The Doyle's (Dan, Tammy, Connor, and Sean) are flying in tomorrow night, and they'll be spending the next week with us in Shell. We are SO EXCITED that they'll be able to meet the kids and be a part of the work there!
That's all for now...... except I must make a comment about the blog background. Dwight informed me last week that our background was "too girly," so I have spent the last hour or so trying to find a masculine Easter background...... NEGATIVE on that one. So...I gave up and posted this ridiculously feminine background for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Yeah, for the Doyles coming today! Hope you guys have a wonderful time serving together!
    And yes, this background is ULTRA feminine, it is hard to make the Easter bunny masculine...but very cute and festive! :) Love you guys!

  2. So excited about the Doyles being there!!!Please give them our love. Please take pictures, if you can. Can't wait to see how Easter is celebrated with the kids. Fun Fun Fun!!!Love all of you so much!!!

  3. A masculine Easter background? Um, maybe a picture of a great Easter meal? Good luck with that! Have a great week!
    Julie Y.

  4. The ultra fem background is taking forever to load on my computer. I'm unable to see it in all it's glory! Boo. Happy Easter. Remember the time we drove to Conroe for Easter???