Friday, January 22, 2010

Oldies, but Goodies this slide show is from Thanksgiving weekend. :-) Yeah...I'm just a little behind. BUT.... there are some fun pics that I didn't want to leave out....

Sunday after Thanksgiving, we went with a friend and his family about 30 minutes out of town to visit their property. Jaime (pronounced "Hymay") used to work at the construction site, and Dwight really values him as a friend and someone he can trust. Jaime's wife and little boy came along, as well as Jaime's dad. We all piled into a tiny little car and had a blast!

We first stopped at their aunt and uncle's house, which was a simple wooden shelter on raised blocks. I wanted to take a picture, but it just seemed wrong. It very much felt like they were on display for us, and I didn't want to make things awkward. You'll see a lot of pics from their house first.... They raise several types of animals, and also live off fruit from their land. It was amazing, because they just kept walking around pointing out different uses for all of the plants and natural growth.

Next, we hiked up to Jaime's property. They plan to build a house there one day and possibly open it up for tourists. It will be beautiful....On top of a ridge in the rain forest with a clear view.

Afterward, we went down the road to visit a "zoo," which was really just a few animals around a house. It was more about rehabilitating and keeping animals in their natural habitat than anything else. People come from all over to study a lot of these species.
Okay...think that covers it!


  1. Wow!!Amazing!Thank you for taking us with you to where you are. Beautiful!! After seeing Dwight next to Jaime, I can see why the people call him "Grande Americano." :)

  2. O man, so cool. Love the mono shots!

  3. I just googled the animal in #28. They call it guanta here...paca in other countries. Interesting stuff, huh?